Scottsdale’s Favorite Tasting Room


What makes the Aridus tasting room a local favorite? The relaxed atmosphere where the members feel like family, make for the perfect setting to sip on a glass of wine. When you know about the wine membership, it is a no-brainer. Being a member includes free tastings, exclusive new releases, access to the members’ only private room, discounts, wine delivery and much more!

Aridus Wine Company is a family owned custom crush winery located in the heart of Southeastern Arizona. The local tasting room is located in Old Town Scottsdale on Main Street; the winery itself is located in Willcox (with another tasting room in Willcox). Aridus for an extensive wine list, wine tastings and private group events.

New Release: The Malbec. Check out the details on the latest release at:



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