Have You Made Real Estate Part of Your Retirement Goals Yet?

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” they say. We have all heard that diversifying your investment portfolio is crucial. The truth is – adding in real estate to that retirement plan can change your life and enhance goal outcomes.

Something as simple as buying a home and living in it for only 5-10 years, can change the way you live in retirement. How you ask? After you move on from the initial home, you can convert it into a rental property which serves as one of your new income streams.

Buying a home, and having it appreciate, with an average of 3% over the years (currently, we are experiencing closer to 7% appreciation), can easily turn in to hundreds of thousands of dollars after 15-30 years. It’s after this length of time that you will typically own the home free-and-clear, where you can really take advantage of the income benefits because your debt has been reduced drastically.  It’s important to note that you also do not need a lot of money to put as a downpayment for this plan to be effective.

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