Neighborhoods to Look Out for In 2020

Phoenix, 85008: (Located North of McDowell, South of Thomas, between 55th st and 24th st) Just north of Papago Park and on the border of Phoenix and Scottsdale, this zip code is a desert-dwellers gem. This area is quickly being discovered and recognized for its central location, mountain views, (Papago and Camelback) and close proximity to some of the hottest neighborhoods. And, talk about easy freeway access, you are right on the 202 and 143 freeways. 85008 is characterized by desert landscaping, with Papago park to the South, and Camelback to the North, with most homes having larger lots, and historic charm, close freeway access and appealing home prices. If you are drawn to Sherwood Heights and Arcadia, but are deterred by the high prices, 85008 may be right for you.

Median Single Family Home Price : $300,000


South Mountain: area is picking up in popularity, and fast! The affordability, newer housing and central location pose a winning combination that buyers are looking for. Specifically the area around Baseline between 16th St and 24th St is a newly developed area, with newer retail, restaurants and the majority of the housing was built within the last 10-20 years (who doesn’t love a newer home?!) Especially with the extension of the 202, this area will see continuous growth, as for now; it is more affordable than most of the East Valley, but has similar characteristics with the “newer” community feeling, popular restaurants, retail, amenities, and gives a sense of a “small town” feel. Views of South Mountain to the south create a peaceful setting- and offer tons of hiking on South Mountain. 

Median Single Family Home Price : $307,000

South Mountain Area

North Tempe/South Scottsdale: Just North of the 202, South of McDowell
Talk about a prime location, this corridor sits between South Scottsdale, Tempe Town Lake, and the University; posing an unbeatable location. This overlooked area sits between the oh-so-popular “South Scottsdale” and a well-known landmark, Tempe Town Lake. This corridor poses as an inevitable spot to gain popularity given that it is sandwiched in between two highly desirable areas. The neighborhoods offer single family homes, and some multi-family options as well, new-build communities and is projected to gain in appreciation and popularity, especially with the new commercial developments going in. With Papago Plaza being re-developed, homeowners in the area have a new “home base” for restaurants, local shops, office space, everything they could need in one place. This area is still affordable, but is projected to appreciate. A Taylor Morrison new-build community, (North70) proved that the area is in high demand, with lots selling out in record time.

Median Single Family Home: $350,000

South Scottsdale/North Tempe

Being in the early stages of purchasing in a particular area that is gaining popularity, will get you in to the neighborhood before prices go up, and allow you to benefit from the soaring appreciation that is sure to happen.

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