Old Town/South Scottsdale

Old town Scottsdale is booming with activity and character. After all, Old Town is Scottsdale’s bustling downtown.

Culture, food, art, nightlife

The streets are jam-packed with cutting-edge restaurants, boutique art galleries, and local shops — perfect for the wandering eye. Hop on a bike, and cruise the streets for plenty of people watching, window shopping and to grab a quick bite. The entertainment district is where you will find the nightlife scene Old town is so well known for.

South Scottsdale has a variety of homes available; everything from luxurious high-rises, to what you will find in the majority of residential neighborhoods in the area, ranch-style homes built in the 50’s and 60’s.

Renovated historic homes

A great deal of these historic ranch-style homes have been renovated to be more modern and appealing, while still staying true to their distinct historic charm.  With fresh renovations, more people are attracted to this area than ever. The look and feel of South Scottsdale neighborhoods are what you would envision in a picture perfect well-kept neighborhood, grass lined streets with red-brick, modestly sized homes.

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