Stage Your Living Room like an Interior Designer, by Paige Lewis

Paige Lewis of Paige Lewis Designs is a highly sought after interior designer in Phoenix, Arizona. Paige has been featured in several notable publications and was named Brizo’s Designer of the Year, Arizona North. Check out her portfolio on

The furniture should be placed in such a way as to visually show how the furniture should layout-people need to be shown how they should set up the room. This is especially true when there is room for multiple conversation areas. Two comfy chairs facing the fireplace and a larger furniture grouping centered on the television, for example.

The sofa(s) and chairs need to create an area for easy conversation. Don’t be afraid to ‘float’ furniture pieces. Not everything needs to line up against a wall. It looks like your furniture is being arrested!

Beware of too many pillows! They look great in a magazine photo but when you overload the sofa it makes it difficult for your guest to comfortable sit without having to toss a few on the floor. Awkward!

The coffee table should anchor the main furniture grouping. It should be within easy reach of the surrounding seating-about 16”-18” from the edge of the sofa and chairs. This is just enough ‘scooter’ space to navigate through.

If you have bookcases or a TV media cabinet with storage and display space don’t overload it with clutter! I like to keep collections together. I didn’t realize my vast collection of blue and white until I unpacked it all when I moved! I placed it on floating shelves in a corner of my livingroom. Showcases my collection beautifully!

-Paige Lewis

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