Successfully Booking Your Spring Stay in Scottsdale

Planning to vacation in Phoenix-metro between January- April? Start looking a year in advanced, or AT minimum 8 months ahead of your stay. I cannot tell you how many out-of-state clients of mine have contacted me at the ninth hour in hopes of coming to Phoenix for a month. (I dont blame them for wanting to escape the blizzard like temps back East!) But, finding a short term rental here in the Valley even 3 or 4 months in advanced, is downright stressful! Everything and I mean, EVERYTHING is booked. (this seems crazy, right?!) Even if you are flexible on area, even then, your options will be few and far between, (if there is literally any left!) The key: Secure a short term rental 8 months-1 year in advanced. 

Price Expectations:

  • $2,000 – $3,000/month: smaller condo or townhouse. 
  • $4,000-$5,000/month: medium to small house, smaller yard. 
  • $8,000-?/month: Larger home, 4+ bedrooms, a pool, amenities, etc? Depending on the area of town, this could cost you $8,000 or more per month. The sky is the limit in vacation rental world! [Prices vary majorly on location, amenities and quality of finishes, this is an estimate] 

A vacation rental landlord will always prefer to lease to tenants who are looking to book a longer stay. For example, if two separate tenants have their eye on a home, and one tenant is booking a 3-month lease versus another tenant booking a 1-month lease. The 3-month lease will always take priority! It is less time, effort, money in cleaning fees, and wear and tear on the home for a landlord to have one tenant lease their home, versus switching between multiple tenants.

If you are coming to the Phoenix metro for a short-term visit in the winter or spring, do yourself a favor and contact your REALTOR 1 year in advanced to ensure there are as many options as possible and you dont have to scramble at the last minute! 

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