Tips for Buyers

Have You Made Real Estate Part of Your Retirement Goals Yet?

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” they say. We have all heard that diversifying your investment portfolio is crucial. The truth is – adding in real estate to that retirement plan can change your life and enhance goal outcomes. Something as simple as buying a home and living in it for only…

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How much money, time and talent do you have for maintenance?

First-time homebuyers may not have the confidence or experience to take on the upkeep of a single-family home. A condo can be a good fit for new homebuyers because HOA fees, which are paid by all the owners, pay for maintenance and repairs in all common areas. Sharing costs is often easier for first-time homebuyers,…

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The Process of Buying a Home

If you are buying a home, its important that you share your expectations with your REALTOR from the get-go, but in the event that you don’t know what to expect, let me shed some light on the process. There are a dizzying amount of steps to take to successfully purchase a home: the offer process,…

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