Tempe is a vibrant town that hosts family-friendly festivals, welcomes outdoor activities and is the home of Arizona State University. Mill Avenue is bustling with nightlife, off-beat restaurants and eclectic shops.

Modern waterfront views

Waterfront views don’t have to be a dehydrated mirage with the man-made waterway, Tempe Town Lake. The lakefront has attracted top corporations like State Farm and Zenefits to plant their high-rise office buildings.

Towering glass skyscrapers line the perimeter of Tempe Town lake, several bridges span the narrow waterway; painting a beautiful picture at sunset as the reflection of warm orange and pink hues bounce off the glass of the buildings and reflects onto the sparkling water.

Vibrant university

Tempe is known for being the home to the fifth largest university in the United States; Arizona State University.

Historic neighborhoods are common, and the Tempe Town Lake has brought some luxurious high rises, such as Hayden Bridge view.

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