Why Phoenix Sellers Are Jumping For Joy

Even in the heat of the summer, sellers are in a cool place, living in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Most sellers who have owned their home for a year or so, are reaping the benefits of homeownership. One of those benefits is the equity gains, which is a beautiful thing! At the present time, putting a home on the market between $200k-$450k ESPECIALLY, will make a seller feel good about activity, since this price point is in an especially high demand.

What is causing higher demand from buyers?

  • Phoenix property taxes are very affordable, compared to other parts of the country.
  • Interest rates have dropped, even MORE!
  • The Phoenix real estate market is not seasonal. High-demand is essentially year round.
  • Phoenix is one of the top cities that people are moving to from all over the country.
  • Opportunity for corporate jobs, startup’s, entrepreneurs are attracting the masses, causing the demand.

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